About Shroom

Shroom in the studioShroom is a music producer and sound designer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

After finishing his Audio Engineering course at SAE Institute in Amsterdam Shroom started producing for local artists. Because of his passion for American Hip Hop music he then started focusing on an international career and worked with artists like Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Pusha T, The Lox, J Cole, Logic and Eminem.

With his production and engineering background Shroom started creating high quality sample libraries and his drums and sample loops became a hit with many known industry producers. Heavy hitters like DJ Khalil, S1, Illmind and Havoc have been praising his samples.

Shroom prides himself in the high quality of his products by using a lot of analog and vintage gear in his production and sound design. He also uses a lot of live instrumentation which he combines with tools in the digital world to create the perfect balance of the old and the new.