All Monster Breaks
By Shroom Samples

All Monster Breaks

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"All Monster Breaks" compiles the entire  Monster Breaks series, comprising volumes 1 through 3, the full Murder Breaks series (vol 1-5), Beast Breaks and all the Royal Breaks (vol 1-3) in one epic collection. Combining all these packs together you have 302 (sets of) original hard hitting dirty drum breaks (1600+ loops).

Each break was captured using Vintage Mics and then mixed with analog gear. Finally they were mastered to 1/4” Tape.

Shroom's breaks has been used on records by Eminem, Logic, Sir, Reason TDE, Jadakiss, Pusha T and many more. 


What you get:

  • 302 (Sets of) Original Drum Breaks and Fills (1600+ Loops/high-quality WAV files)
  • Recorded with Vintage Mic (RCA 44, 77-DX and more)
  • Mixed with Analog Gear (SSL, Neve and more)
  • Mastered to 1/4" Tape (Revox B77)
  • 100% Royalty Free


Some of the gear used to create these breaks:
Legendary Phillips console, SSL Duality console, Neve 1073 Pre Amps, vintage mics like the RCA 44 and the 77-DX, Revox B77 Tape machine and more.

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