Laid Back Breaks Vol. 5
By Shroom Samples

Laid Back Breaks Vol. 5

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Laid Back Breaks vol. 5 is a collection of 25 drum breaks and fills recorded with vintage mics and mixed with analog gear. All loops are at least 8 bar loops opposed to previous volumes, which had 1 bar loops. Shroom collaborated with drummer Willem van Der Krabben on this installment to create some of the hardest hitting dirtiest drum loops.


What you get:

  • 25 Samples (Drum Breaks and Drum Fills)

  • All 8 Bar Loops

  • All Original

  • Vintage Sound

  • Slow BPM's (60-80 BPM)

  • Mixed with Analog Gear (SSL Duality, Neve etc)

  • Mastered to 1/4" Analog Tape

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